Increasing Performance of you Android Device

Android mobile platform is becoming more and more popular, new applications and software updates are becoming even more demanding. 

Most of the Smartphone users now want enhanced performance of their device in terms of increased Operating Speed, better Battery Life and greater controllability.

Following are Best Tips to get most of your Android phone.

(1) Know your Device

Don’t run 1080p video on a device supporting 720p and overburden your device GPU and CPU. 

It is important that to learn the capabilities and drawbacks of your phone. 

One should not overburden phone with resource-hungry apps that would degrade phone’s performance at your expense.

(2) Update Applications 

Regularly update your phone’s installed apps from Google Play. Developers fix bugs and add features in new released versions of apps. Updated applications perform better and faster, and are less likely to crash your Smartphone.

(3) Use a Task Manager and Task Killer

Using a task manger you can segregate applications that are unnecessary and are polling useless CPU cycles. 
Application such as Advanced Task Killer that can be downloaded from Google Market place, includes a lot of useful settings, such as an ‘Auto Kill’ feature, an ‘Ignore List’, and a widget to place on your home screen that will kill all your designated apps on press. Using this application right you can gain significant amount of performance back on your Smartphone.

(4) Avoid Overheating Of your Device

In order to avoid heating of your device – Be sure to check your Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connections, don’t leave them enabled if you don’t need them; reduce excessive Gaming obsessions and use your battery properly.

Also avoid using Live wall papers to get optimum performance from your android device.

When buying a memory card ensure you get at least storage of class 6 or higher.

(5) Keep Unnecessary Sync Off

Syncing is a good service to synchronize your data with Servers and access it anytime and anywhere. However, syncing refreshes after every Pre set interval that will eat the Android’s performance for other applications. Hence, Syncing only necessary services can help you to enhance your device performance.

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  1. 1. Regular delete your temporary file.
    2. Do not make the storage full of internal storage and same with external Storage of your phone.
    3. Attach the Maximum capacity of Storage, 8/16/32/64gb which is recommended by the manufacturer

  2. With each update of any application its size on storage goes on increasing, leaving lesser room for new application. What is the way out?



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