Buying Guide for Memory Cards

Memory Cards are becoming our day to day friends in each of the gadget we use, be it Digital Camera, Be it Mobile Phone, Be it Tablets or anything. Every where to store the digital data we rely on small Micro SD cards more. There are some sockets available where you can insert the memory card and use it as a USB Flash drive popularly known as Pen Drive.

Most of the time when we buy the memory card only aspect we focus is the "storage capacity" of the card whether it is 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB or 64GB and the second point based on which we decide is the price  at which price which card is available and then we screw up the system.

We buy the best digital camera with Full HD video recording or Mobile smart phone with same capability and buy a memory card which is simply not capable to write at a speed the smart phones or digital camera require and hence dumb performance and then we shout at Android that it hangs Much..or Camera not able to capture better pictures.

This is because all this devices require data to be stored on external cards at specific rates which the cheap cards are not able to manage and hence the degraded performance.

Apart from Storage capacity & Price the Most important factor in deciding which card to buy it it's "Class"

So the Class of the memory card is encircled with a red color which is 4, this means this card is capable of writing data at 4 Mega Bytes per Second, so if you use such a card for Full HD video recording in a mobile or camera performance will lag, as Full HD minimum requires  Class 6.

Different Card Class and their speed is mentioned in below table for ready reference.

ClassMinimum performance
SDHC Speed Class 2.svg Class 2MB/sec
SDHC Speed Class 4.svg Class 44 MB/sec
SDHC Speed Class 6.svg Class 66 MB/sec
SDHC Speed Class 10.svg Class 1010 MB/sec

Please also find the standard recommendation as per the activity.

  • Class 2 for SD video recording
  • Class 4 and 6 for high-definition video (HD) to Full HD video recording,
  • Class 10 for Full HD video recording and consecutive recording of HD stills

So when next time you buy the memory card please bear 3 things in mind, (1) what is the purpose based on it decide which class to go for (2) Price (3) Storage capacity, larger is better.

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