What Is Google Glass? And What It Will Do For You?

What is Google Glass? Concept??

Google Glass is nothing but a wearable computer, which will help you to share and explore your world, just like laptops, tablets, smartphones.

So this will be a spectacles where computer is embedded and there will not be display, it will be directly projected to your eyes through special prism technology, so just wear your spectacles and done!

No need to carry laptop, tablets, phones etc...wow! Check out this concept video...

How It Works??

Well this is secret, how it works however many people have put up their theories as Google has not revealed any thing about how Google Glasses works.

Well, artist Martin Missfeld created an infographic that explains the wonders of technology behind Google's technologically-enhanced glasses.

What is Inside Google Glass?

The Google Glass will have a 5MP camera capable of taking video up to 720p, has 16GB of internal storage, 12Gb customer usable, features  WiFi and a display that will be equivalent to a 25-inch HD screen if you’re standing 8 feet away from the TV.

Most importantly is its battery, which Google says will last the user a full day with typical use, although Hangouts and video recording may quicken its battery drain.

What Google Glass Will Do For You?

You can take a picture a video, sharing directly to social websites, just speak to send a SMS, search, Navigation everything directly on your eye and hands free...

Just check out some of the photos from google...

How Much It Will Cost You??

Google Glass explorer edition has started to ship from today and it will hole your pocket at the price is $1500. Also at this price google will select whom to sell and whom to not initially.

Google Glass is missing a Camera that points towards user's face for face to face video calls may be google has some different plan for it...

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