What Will Happen To My Mail When I am Dead? - Google Tool has the Answer !!

Most of us have thought about this question sometime, so as to who will manage your G mail, Picassa Photos, Data on Google Drive once you are no more on this planet.

To answer the question Google Engineers introduced a feature today called “Inactive Account Manager” that lets you tell Google what to do with your data after you're gone, whether you want to share it with family and friends or delete it altogether.
The new Inactive Account Manager can be accessed from the Accounts page. You'll find a link to it under the Account Management section.

Let's see How to set up the Inactive Account Manager.
Go to Google.com/settings to access the account settings. On the lower side account management is added.

Now Click on the Lear More and go to Set up...

In the "Alert me" field, you must provide a mobile phone number to which Google will send a warning text message one month before your account is deemed inactive. You can also provide an alternate non g-mail address.

The next field, "Timeout period," lets you set the period of inactivity that must occur before, basically, Google thinks you're dead. You can set this for 3, 6, 9, or 12 months.

In the Next Section, you can add trusted contacts with whom you need to share the inactivity notification or data. Add Mail Ids & Chose what to do with which data?

Say in a case where you don't to share data with anyone, you can chose to delete all the data after inactivity period. Google will delete all the data. RIP all your data. 

And Finally Click on ENABLE tab to enable the inactive account manager.

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