7x7: An addictive android block game!

This game is designed and developed by Gantland Chew (for Android) and is my favorite game on my Nexus 4 J

It’s easy to understand and very addictive. 

In this game, one has to make horizontal, vertical or diagonal rows of same color by dragging pieces across the board and get points and power ups! Once you make a line (horizontal, vertical or diagonal) of a color, that line gets cleared. The only condition is you cannot move a block if it is surrounded by other blocks. But there is a way to do this too. To know how you can get that read on.

This how the main screen of the game looks like:

How to Play?

In this game, you have to make horizontal, vertical or diagonal rows of 4 or more blocks of the same color by dragging pieces across the board.

In 7x7, you get 2 types of, kind of, help.

One is ‘Undo’ which takes you one step back i.e. it undo your move.

The other one is ‘Move anywhere’ which allows you to move the block anywhere. These two options are shown in this screenshot:

You can get more ‘Move anywhere’ by clearing more than one row simultaneously. 

For example, in following case, if you move a purple block to complete horizontal and diagonal row, you will get one ‘Move anywhere’.

Enjoy the game and let us know your feedback on this article in comments section below. 

You can download this game from these links:


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