New Gmail version- reduce the clutter and make your account look better!

These days we receive too many emails and it is a tedious task to find an important email (and to reply to that important email!). Some would debate that there are filters/ labels to do that but again filters/ labels have their own limitations.

So to avoid this Google is coming with a new version of Gmail for web as Android platform. The version brings tabbed inboxes to your Gmail that automatically divide the mail you receive into categories.

The default categories will be:

  • Primary (this will be the email you would like to receive from our near and dear ones like friends and family)
  • Social (this category will update you about social networks activities such as Twitter, Facebook, Worldfloat, LinkedIn and Google+ etc)
  • Promotions (Offers from sites like freekaamaal, eBay, Flipkart and other shopping or commercial sites)
  • Updates (All your receipts from places like Google Play and Amazon)- But I think most of us will not need this as these are not widely used in India.
As of now, new Gmail will be supporting up to five tabs. As per all other Google's services, these tabs will also be customizable. Google knows that not all of us will require every category, so we can choose which ones to remove and which ones to keep. You can move messages within tabs to let Google know about placing any mail from that sender into a particular tab from now on. You can also star messages (which we can do now also), which will inform Google that it is an important email and that should appear in the Primary tab.

As per Google, the update will also be included in Gmail for Android in next few weeks. In the new Android app, the tabs will be on left sidebar which you can swipe to in order to choose which inbox to view.
The new update looks nice and it will certainly help to get to important email faster. What do you all think of this upcoming update? Let us know in the comments box below.

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