App of the day: Internet Speed Meter

We always wonder what internet speed we are getting. Is that the speed that our service provider guaranteed us? Or are we getting speed less than the guaranteed speed? Todays app of the day cab help you get answer to your doubts. Its name is 'Internet Speed Meter'.
This app shows internet speed on the status bar of the phone so that you can see the speed while accessing internet. 
It has 2 versions: One is Lite version which is free and the second is Pro version which costs Rs 83.72.
Following are the features of Lite version of this app:
- It shows real-time internet speed on the status bar
- You can get daily stats in notification
- If you use Wi-Fi, you can see separate stats for Wi-Fi and mobile data
- It also shows data for past 30 days
- The app is battery efficient
Size of the app is very small i.e. only 880 KB (for the lite version).
Cost: The Lite version is FREE! You can download it from Google Play- Internet speed meter- Lite version
In addition to the Lite version features, Pro version has some additional features:
- Automatically shows notifications when you connect to internet and hides this notification when you are disconnected
- Supports themes
- You can select blue or white status bar icon.
Cost: The Pro version is paid and the cost is Rs 83.72. You can download it from Google Play- Internet speed meter- Pro version
You can also ask questions to developer and get answers for your queries or suggest new features on xda developers forum for this app.
Please let us know your comments/ suggestions below.
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  1. Re-Programmming the Ubislate 7C+
    as shown in this post we have to use an SD card..Can we use pendrive instead of SD card??

    1. NO, u wuill have to use memory card only..also beware this process has lot of problems



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