App of the day: IntelliCover

Are you using a flip cover for you Android phone? Are you tired of switching off your phone screen every time you flip the cover? Or when you put your phone in your pocket or in bag? Then you are at the right place. Today's app of the day will solve your problem. It's name is IntelliCover.

As the name suggests it really is a intelligent app. It turns phone's screen off automatically when you put your phone in your pockets, close its flip cover, put the device in a bag, or when you keep the device facing down on a table. The screen turn on when you take the phone in your hand!

As this app uses proximity sensor (which is available in almost all the smartphones these days), your mobile needs have the proximity sensor.

You can set the time delay for turning the screen on and off. You can also configure the notifications from the app.

Cost: FREE!

You can download this beautiful app from Google Play store.

P. S. To uninstall this app, use the uninstall option from within the app. Or you can manually remove it like any other app from Settings -> Apps.


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