Gesture based, Swipe & Type Key Board from Google for free!

You must have heard of Swype & Swift Key which are swipe based, gesture based key board, which are easier to use then conventional key pads, as you don't need to type the whole word, just swipe your fingers across the letters and system will guess the word automatically.

For example, you will type pitch, like shown as above, however the pain part of such key pad was that those were never free.

Now to compete with all of these swipe based key pads, Google has launched their own swipe based key pad, and the best part of it is that it's totally FREE!!! Google is giving sleepless nights to the developers of SwiftKey & Swype as Google's keypad is free...

However there is one catch that this free keyboard is available only on Android 4.0 on wards devices, so if you are using the older Android devices then you will have to buy the alternate Siwft or Swype Key pads.

You can download the application from Play Store from here...

It is to be seen how the Switkey & Swype responds to google's move, do they make their app free, or give free trials or any other option?


App 3778625028308098002

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