Indian Government mulling an option to manufacture AAKASH 4

We have seen/ read lots of posts about Aakash, Aakash 2 and Aakash-3 making rounds in news for good as well as bad reasons. These tablets were commecially launched by Datawind, a UK based company founded by an Indian. These tablets having the same specifications as that of Aakash and called as Ubislates can be bought online through their portal buy ubislate online.

After a lot of mess with Aakash orders and their handling by Datawind, Indian government is not thinking of launching Aakash 4 on their own. As per the newspaper Indian express, Department of Information Technology has asked the Department of Science & Technology to chekc if the Aakash tablet project could be handled by them.

Reports are also saying that Kapil Sibbal, HRD minister is in touch with Prime Minister to set up a manufacturing plant after the mess by Datawind during their initial attempts. Department of Electronics and IT (DEITy) Secretary J Satyanarayana was quoted mentioning "The draft of the specifications has been prepared, formally it has to be placed before a committee... We are waiting for a suitable date to do that, we should not add so many features so that the cost will go beyond".

As mentioned above, datawind has launched 3 versions before named Ubislate 7Ci (with Wi-fi support and capacitive touchscreen), Ubislate 7Ri (with Wi-fi support and resistive touchscreen) and Ubislate 7C+ (With SIM card support). You can read hands on review of Ubislate 7C+ from our expert Jignesh here.

Will you buy Aakash 4?


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