Windows 8.1 (Windows Blue) is coming...

After a successful (!) launch of Window 8 and the feedback received from market and end users, Microsoft is coming up with a major update of this operating system. It is called as Windows Blue or Windows 8.1. I think this is the first time Windows is releasing a new version instead of a service pack.

With release of Windows 8 last year, Microsoft changed the way people used to work on their computers. Most of the people complained about missing regular and heavily used features from the OS. For example I had not dared to imagine a Windows OS without a Start button. But the release of Windows 8 changed my thoughts (though not in a positive way... and I'm HOPING that they will restore this button in this update)!

Users also complained about the time required to get used to the new OS. Microsoft has accepted this and started working on an update. This update will be officially launched on 26 June 2013 and will be available for download (for free) in late 2013.

Here are some of the new features of this updated version of Windows 8:


You will to able to personalize your PC more. Microsoft has added more colors and backgrounds on the home screen. Also the lock  screen can show the show the photos from your gallery. They say you can use camera without logging in- I think this is for Windows 8.1 mobile (and this feature is available in Android Jelly Bean).

In current version, you can only modify (re-size, uninstall or re-arrange) one tile at a time but with this version you will be able to modify multiple tiles simultaneously. Also newly added app will get displayed in New section in apps instead of getting added to the Start screen. You will also be able to sort the apps based on various properties like name, installation date, category wise or based on usage.
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You will be able to see multiple windows of same app grouped together – such as two Internet Explorer windows which is not possible right now.


The search will also get enhanced in newer version. Right now, the search is limited to the computer only and with the updated version it will include web results from Bing.

Windows Store

Windows store will also get updated in 8.1. The look and feel of the store will get changed to show more information and there will be a search bar at the top. Listing will have more description and will show related apps section.

Security Improvements

As Microsoft has maintained everywhere and every time, they want to keep users data secure. To add to their existing security, they have added two new features: Modern access controls and malware resistance. Windows defender that comes with Windows 8 will continue to be there to make your PC more secure.

With these major features there are also some more features but I think they are for commercial users.

So this new version of Windows 8 will definitely add some cool features to your PC and make you PC more secure and that too for FREE!


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