App of the day: Battery Doctor, the ultimate power saver

Have you faced a situation like this- you are on the way (to work or heading back to home), you are about to receive or make some important call and you don't have enough battery? If yes, then you are at right place!

Today's app will help you in those situations and it will also help you to increase the life of battery. It is Battery Doctor. As the name indicates, it helps you check the health of the battery and the things you should do to improve it's health.

This app has following features:
1. It estimates remaining battery time correctly.
2. It has a task killer in build, which helps is closing the apps that are eating up the juice
3. It has widgets
4. This app has a unique 3 cycle charging which helps in improving the battery life
5. Saving mode which disables all other functions except making calls and sending/ receiving text messages. This saves a lot of battery when you need it the most.

Using this app is very simple. All you need to do is starting the app and tap on Save Power. It shows the current rating of the device. Once you see that just tap on Save Power and it will kill all the apps that are consuming the battery. Once this is done, it shows the improved rating and the minutes that it has saved.

This app has unique 3 cycle charging:
1. Speed
2. Continuous
3. Trickle

While charging, it also shows the time remaining for the charging.

You can also set if you want to receive the notifications or not. You can choose the icon style that is displayed in the status bar.

It shows the history of the charging month-wise which has the time when you started the charging and when it was stopped.

Cost: FREE

Overall this is very nice app. So get it and improve your phone's battery. You can Get Battery doctor from Google Play Store.

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