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Most of the time you have been reading the App of day section from our App Master Javin, today I also came across the super app and thought to share with all of you. If you are tired of updating your phonebook manually whenever one or some of your friend change threir phone numbers, then this app is must download for your Android or iPhone.

Phonedeck is an amazing app which allows your friends to update their contact details on your phone, and you just don't edit it manually each time your friends get a new number! It's very simple, just you have to download it from google play or i Tunes.

It's a new way of managing your phone contacts with Phonedeck. It Broadcasts your contact information such as phone numbers, emails ids, pictures, presence directly into your friends phones and let them know what your are doing right now, vice versa your friends manage their contacts on your phone. No more manual editing! 


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