Make your wired internet connection to work as Wi-Fi hotspot

Friends, most of us have a wired internet connection. When we buy a mobile phone which has Wi-Fi then we try to find the ways to convert our wired internet connection into wireless connection. The easiest way to do this is using a Wireless router (which may cost anywhere between Rs 1100 to Rs 3000).

Today we'll see a cheaper way to do this. For this we'll need following things:
1. A Wi-Fi adaptor supporting hotspot (Like TP Link Wireless)
2. Drivers of the adaptor and
3. Configuration utility (if available) [If you do not have this, you can also use virtual router plus which is available for free]

Once you have these things we are good to go! Follow these steps:
A. Connect the Wi-Fi adaptor to PC through any of the available USB ports.
B. Install the utility (it will also have the drivers) to configure this adaptor. Once you install the utility installed, open it. It will have an option to enable hotspot. Here we'll see TP Link TL-WN721N (150 Mbps) as an example. It has SoftAP as shown below:

C. Enable the SoftAP mode.
D. In the Internet connecting share (ICS) dropdown, select theinternet connection that you want to convert into hotspot.
E. Change the SSID name if you want and keep Encryption type as it is.
F. Enter the Security key. This is the password you'll need to connect to the hotspot.
G. Click on Apply and you are done!

Now switch ON the Wi-Fi in your mobile and it will search the Wi-Fi connection that you have created above. Enter the password and enjoy the internet!

This is the cheapest way to convert your wired network into Wi-Fi.

Caution: Please make sure the Wi-Fi adaptor you are buying supports Hotspot.

Let us know if you have any queries on this.


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