Micromax Canvas 4 - Top 5 Features that you will love..

So Finally the life has begun with the launch of most awaited smart phone being launched, yes The Micromax Canvas 4 aka Canvas A210, on the hardware front there is nothing new except the camera and internal memory with respect to Micromax Canvas HD A116, here they have introduced 13 MP shooter on the back and on the front 5 MP camera and it has 16 GB internal memory where user can get 10GB to use.

However this time Micromax has mimicked the Samsung Galaxy S4 in terms of marketing and interms of features, yes the focus is on the Features and not on the hardware. So we present you the top 5 features of Micromax Canvas 4 which are similar to Galaxy S4 and you will love at the price they are offered in india :)

(1) Blow to unlock

Gone are the days, when you were used to draw pattern, or sliding the screen to unlock, here Micromax presents a new software based feature where you will give flying kiss to your smart phone to unlock the same, yes just blow on the phone to unlock.

(2) The Look Away Feature

This one is copied from Samsung Galaxy S4, where if you look away from screen, it will pause the video which is being played. and When you look back at the screen it will resume playing the video.

(3) Vertical Panorama.

Now till the time every body has learned about Panorama shot where you can cover wider things horizontally now Micromax has introduced vertical panorama shot, where you will be able to take a photo of monuments, buildings which are larger in height, with Vertical Panorama shots.

(4) Auto Answer & Auto Dialing

With the new Auto Answer and Auto dialing features, say if you want to answer the call, just take the phone near to your ear and it will automatically answer the call without touching screen!

And in case you want to call some one, just select the contact take the phone near to ear it will dial the number automatically

Isn't it interesting?

(5) Half in Half - Multi Tasking

With this feature you can re size your browser to any dimension and in the back ground you can keep working on any application this is similar to Picture in Picture of television.

You can resize the browser to any size and not just only half.

This applies for videos also.

Apart from this 5 there are some more software based features, such as in an incoming call, if you flip your phone it will automatically silent it. You can preview the new videos without the current one being stopped with a peek-a-boo feature, you can control the brightness and volume of the phone with a swipe!

So what are you waiting for, this one is available at Rs 17,999/- with a free flip cover worth Rs 2999/-, so just grab the same!

We think this one is really going to give tough competition to Samsung Galaxy S4 what do you think?? Share your view in comments....
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