Vision to Future: Dell's $100 USB computer stick shipping to testers, readies for launch

Dell is working on a secret project called "ophelia" under which they are preparing $100 android stick which will turn any big screen TV / Monitor in to computer...what an amazing idea! if this becomes successful this will be the cool idea, just plug in the stick and turn your tv in to Android based computer, now this is something which will turnout to be window's night mare.

This Innovative sticks will be priced around $100 only, test production has begun and testers will get their units by coming weeks, and the launch of the stick is slated in the fall.

This android stick packs the Rockchip processor with 1 GB RAM, it will have Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity options along with Micro SD card.
Stick was shown first in the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona with Android 4.1, however latest devices will work on Jelly Bean 4.3 only.

There are pros and cons associated with the device as this can turn any TV / Monitor in to computer but what about Microsoft's productivity applications like excel, word, access etc.

Let's wait for the Beta testing results before conclude much!


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