Apps of The Day : Battery Full & Theft Alarm for Android

We have read in news many times that battery blasted and injured owner. In most cases, this might happen due to over charging of battery, which causes battery to heat up out of its sustainable limit. Today we have selected Apps of The Day - Battery Full & Theft Alarm.

Battery full alarm will alert you when battery is full with sound and vibration as well. You can select alerting method in settings.

It has additional feature as well of theft alarm. Many times you put your phone in charging at public place. You constantly have to monitor your mobile in that case.

With Theft alarm on, whenever charger pin is unplugged, it will sound an alarm. To turn it off, you have to enter password. This password can be set from settings.

You can disable this function at your convenience. It is a nice handy feature to have.

Link to Download : Google Play Store Link

Cost : Free as of now.

Stay Safe !!!


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