Google's Chromecast: Stream video and audio from Web or phone to TV

Google continues to launch it's inventions at affordable prices! You might have read about Google's project loon on our blog few days ago; now Google has come up with an adaptor which lets you play video and other stuff from web (Netflix, YouTube, Google Play, and Chrome) or from your local network on your Television. The size of this device is same as that of an USB pen drive and its price is just 35$. It is launched in USA and soon it will come to India.

Chromecast works with Android smartphones, tablets or iPhones. iPads that you have. You can play and control the things that you are streaming. It does not need to have remote or anything else.

Connecting Chromecast is very simple. You need to just plug it in the HDMI port of your TV, connect it to Wi-Fi and then enjoy the streaming on the bigger screen of your TV.

You can watch it in action in this video-


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