Google's Driverless Car

Google is changing the world. With the revolutionary search engine since last 15 years, many people open Google just to ensure that their internet connection is working fine. Now Google is ready to take you around with Driver Less car, yes today we will see how the Google Driver less car works? So like Google Glass,  Driver Less cars are also product from Google X project which is a secret development lab

Google's Driver Less car will be running automatically without drivers obviously, cars will be intelligent enough to apply brakes, increase or decrease the speed on it own. Google is currently testing the same in California on Toyota Prius, Lexus RX and is normally called Robo Taxi.

The heart of the Driver Less car is LIDAR, Light Detection and Ranging, which uses the LASER light to detect vehicles / obstacles withing 200 feet distance. It has video camera installed also, on rear view mirror which is used to detect traffic signals and other cars, obstacles passing by.
Then there are distance sensors which helps the car to decide the distance of the other vehicle behind and ahead of itself.

Position Estimator is used track the movement of the vehicle and also determines the vehicle's location.

All this data is sent to Google Map and computers to determine.....
  • How to fast to accelerate
  • When to Start / Stop
  • when to move the steering 

These cars will be on road from 3 to 5 years time line...

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