Google Announces uProxy to Crack Down the attack on Internet Freedom

After a revolutionary search engine, Google is now getting ready to attack those who are against internet freedom, Google Ideas, has presented a new tool, uProxy which will allow you to share internet connection to your friend sitting away in a country where internet censorship is strict and not allowing to access some sites. With uProxy your friend now will be able to access all the sites which were blocked in his / her country due to web censorship.

So uProxy will be a simple peer to peer VPN connection, that will allow user to access some sites thro their friends internet connection in some other countries.

Let's see how it works?

Let's assume that your friend, Ali, lives in a country where there is strict internet censorship and can't access some sites, like facebook and tiwtter. Ali contacts Michel who has much safer internet connection. Michel agrees to become proxy for Ali, so now as long as Michel's browser is open, Ali's browsing traffic would pass thro Michel's browsing window.


For outside world looking at Ali's connection, it is encrypted data going to Michel's computer and for someone monitoring Michel's connection it is Michel who is surfing.

However Michel shall trust Ali fully as whatever online activity will be done by Ali, will now be considered as done by Michel, so Michel shall fully trust Ali before allowing proxy.

This can be useful to access sites which are blocked in your country, condition, you shall have a friend in a country where the sites can be accessed :)

uProxy will be soon launched as an extension to Chrome & Firefox browser...


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