Samsung Galaxy S5: Release date, price, specs, news and rumours

Samsung's flagship device sold 20 million units in the first two months of its launched, Samsung Galaxy S4, however later on the sales dropped which causes a major concern for the Samsung and considering this, Samsung has decided to launch its Samsung Galaxy S5 earlier in January it self. May be Samsung is worried with the success of iPhone 5S and i Phone 5C.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Specs:-

As of now it's only confirmed that it will have 64 Bit processor just like i Phone 5S, this was confirmed by Samsung CEO himslef.

Rets of the specs are not known as of now we will update as we get the confirmed specs.

Samsung Galaxy S5 looks:-

Samsung is looking away from poly carbonate back covers for it's mobiles, as the recent launch of i Phone 5C with poly carbonate back cover gives impression that all plastic back cover phones are budget phones, considering this Samsung Galaxy S5 will sport aluminium and magnesium back covers.

Recently introduced Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has leather stitched rear cover to give it royal look.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Operating System:-

Now the speculation is on rise, that Samsung may dump the Android for it's own co-developed Tizen operating system, Tizen is jointly developed by Intel & Samsung, however it will not be easy for Samsung to drop the Android.

We might see that Samsung Galaxy S5 could be sale with two different operating systems, Android anf Tizen, but say it comes with Android, it will come with KitKat Android 4.4

Samsung Galaxy S5 Camera:-

Samsung Galaxy S5 with come with 16 Mega Pixel camera and Optical Image stabilization for better camera results, as of now only device from Samsung that comes with OIS is Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Release date:-

As told earlier it is expected for early release and it might release in Jan 2014 as the sales of Samsung Galaxy S5 are declining.
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