How To Improve Battery Life of Smartphone

Most of the people love smartphones but when it comes to battery life it sucks, and if you are power user then you know how frequently you need to charge your phone battery. Battery life is important factor which can decide satisfaction with your smartphone, so if you are also suffering low battery indications frequently then are at the right place, today we will show you how to enhance your smartphone battery life.

The first and foremost is Managing Screen,   as the size of the screen increases, obviously screen will be consuming more battery power, so if you want to optimize, you can select low brightness and a lowest screen time out time, you can do this settings from Setting --> Display, and if you don't like low brightness you shall select "Auto" in brightness so that it will automatically adjust for screen brightness.

Turn it Off  Most of the people don't change default settings, but we shall not use the default settings in general, so thumb rule is "Turn it off", when you don't need, WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS, simple turn it off from settings, as they consume lot of battery.

And turn them on, for the duration you need to use them and turn the feature off as soon as you don't need it.

For android there is Widget called, Power control which you can use at your fingertip to control such settings.

Go to Widgets and Add power control widgets on screen to control it efficiently.

Similarly Data connection on 3G uses more battery you can turn it off / on back when in use, but most of people don't like to switch off / on Data connection, We leave it to your preference.

If you are not able to follow the steps described, you can select Battery Saving App, "Battery Doctor"

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