Moto G launch date to be announced on 05 Feb

If you keep an eye on tech news in India then you must have heard about launch of Moto G in India. You might have also read our blog post on Moto G back in November. Now after all this noise and wait for this nice phone, which was supposed to be released in Early January, Motorola has announce that the launch will get delayed.

Motorola has posted a picture on Motorola Mobility's Google+ page. This post informs that 05 Feb will be the date when Motorola will make an announcement of launch of Moto G.

They have also posted a Motorola logo featuring identities of India like Taj Mahal, Bengal Tiger and a Peacock.

We liked this logo very much and think that this will the boot animation for Moto G.

It seems they Motorola is doing all the ground work required for selling the handsets and after sales support.

One more update: We have got one handset (US global version). So if you have any questions, doubts then let us know. You'll definitely get the answers for them.

We are excited about this launch. Are you?


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