App Of the Day - Contacts +

Our today's app of the day is Contacts +, this is amazing app +Contacts+ will replace your default android dialer and SMS messenger. This is feature reach app, once you will start using it, you will get addicted to it.
Contacts + has very good graphics, and it syncs your contacts automatically with Facebook, google + etc.

This app will bring you birthday reminders from Facebook. It automatically displays all your frequently used contacts. It has all the social networks integrated to it, so you don't need to go to Facebook or four square for status update you can check the same at one place and that's contacts+

Another amazing feature is this allows merging of your duplicate contacts from phone book. One more thing you might love about it is, it allows SNOOZING your SMSs.

It allows sending free SMSs as well! You can search contacts by Gesture as well.

Download the same from here...


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