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It's time for the summer vacations again, so you might be thinking that you will have to visit some travel agent to plan your vacation, but not. Out Today's App of the day will help you to plan your trip on your own, including hotel bookings and transport. Yes, Tripomatic is a one such app and website which will allow you to plan your trip. You can access the same on your computer while you are planing and once done, install the android app on your phone and access the light version while you are on tour!

You can connect to with Facebook as well, once you are login you can create a trip, where you can add place and adjust number of days. Later you will have main screen where you can select days and put your plan for the day. You can filter the locations by Must See or other categories and add to your day plan.

Similarly you can check hotels near by, just by clicking on "Accommodation" and then you can check the rates of the hotel as well as book them.

and when you are done with the whole planing you can save and download the same. And during the trip you can access the same from your android.

This app works offline for that case you will need to buy the offline maps of particular city. But in Online case you don't need to buy anything.

You can download the same from here...

Happy Travelling!


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