Samsung Galaxy S5 Top New Features

Samsung unveiled their new flagship device in the mobile world congress few days back, we decided to take a look at the fancy features that comes loaded with the Samsung Galaxy S5, if you are looking for the gadgets specifications then check out here. 

(1) Heart Rate Sensor - The new Samsung Galaxy S5 comes with in built heart rate sensor, which will help you to track your heart rate, pre & post work out, which will help you plan your work outs better. This can be used in conjunction with Samsung Galaxy Gear watch as well as Gear Fit a new device from Samsung.

So the small bump that we see below the camera is the heart rate sensor.

(2) Finger Print Scanner:-  Your New Samsung Galaxy S5 is loaded with Finger Print scanner as well just like iPhone 5S, you can use your finger prints to unlock the handset as well as paying online bills, however samsung is yet to announce about the security measures of the same. Isn't it the unique way to unlock your phone?

(3) Kid Friendly Mode Have you ever been into a situation where your kids accesses the sites, you don't want them to access or he/she starts accessing web camera and sends your pics to your contacts. Or Dials international calls? OK so this will not happen in the Samsung Galaxy S5 as it has Kid Friendly Mode where you don't need to worry about all this stuff.

(4) Ultra Power Saving Mode:-  It will come like a boon if you are a heavy user as during the last 10% of the battery the ultra power saving mode of Galaxy S5 will Kill all the non essential apps and services, will turn the screen in to black and white to ensure that in SOS situations you are connected to your friends and family with Voice & Texts. Ideally this 10% will last for the 24 hrs.

(5) Blazing Fast Downloads:-  With the new option to use WiFi and LTE both simultaneously will help you download the content faster if you feel you are not satisfied with WiFi / LTE's speed, so the combination of both will help you get super fast speeds on internet.

If you are impressed with the Samsung Galaxy S5 after reading the features, then you will have to wait till 11th April when it launched world wide. However the price is not yet revealed. 


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