App Of the Day - Cover Lock Screen

Our Today's App Of the Day is Cover, a lock screen replacement application, if you don't like the stock locker. It is efficient locker considering the fact that it will display all applications on the lock screen itself. Mails, Missed Call and SMS related information will be updated on screen itself. So it gives you better idea of happenings.

Cover displays 6 mostly used applications on the lock screen itself based on if the user is at Home / Work or out somewhere.

Positive thing about the Cover is it will work even if your phone is encrypted. Because most of the lock screen widgets we tried were not working with encrypted phones.

Even this gives you efficiency after unlocking, during any application if you touch on the right top corner most frequently accessed application will appear and  you can switch to any application.

Just to update you all that +Cover is recently bought by Twitter.
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You can download the same from Google Play Store.

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