Flight Simulator - Fly Your Plane

If you ever wanted to fly your Jet Plane, but some how you can't or you want to just have fun flying your plane then this game is for you. With Flight Simulator you will have fun time trying to take off and land your plane. Initially it's a bit difficult but later you will enjoy the game.

Once you Take off, there will be way points in the sky, with which you will guide your Jet plane for landing on destination airport once you take off.

You need to take care about buses, Air traffic towers, while you take off or land or else your plane will crash. One need to take care about lowering of height as you are about to reach destination or else there is high chance that you will miss the landing.

There are 20 levels in the game, where in the initial levels you will practice landing and take off and as you move on difficulty level will increase.


  • Initially Lever ( just aside radar on left) will be on down side, move it a bit upward, plane will start moving. 
  • Take it left or right from the joystick, move joy stick left or right
  • Use the gear once you land, to immediately stop plane, just click once on gear 
  • For take off, pull the lever completely up and joystick on down side.

Once take off glide thro the way points, yellow squares....


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