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The rumor mills are working overtime to define the Apple's next possible launch, iWatch, we at gadgets freak, collected all the information about the same. Tim Cook said that Apple would enter in to exciting product category this year, so definitely it will be into wearable technology focused on health and lifestyle, you can guess this from the patents which are applied by Apple.


You can see that Apple's iWatch is going to be completely different from the present wearables available in market. Reports suggest that LG display will be used in the iWatch, P-OLED, plastic OLED, sized around 1.3 -1.6 inch. Also some reports suggest that there is different design for Male & Female. Multiple models are being tested as prototypes. iWatch will have bluetooth facility so that it can work with iPad and iPhones.
It will be able to make and receive calls, apple is planning to put a complete iPhone 6 in to your wrist!

If you remember the Moto 360, the smartwatch from Motorla, which is working on Andriod, some people believe that iWatch may inspire some part of design from Moto 360 and can have a circular shape. At the same time it will be slimmer than Moto 360 and will go in production from July 2014.

So this means that We can witness the iWatch launch along with iPhone 6 in August or September this year.

Apple's iWatch will feature an app, which will detect the heart attack before it happens, the concept works based on the sound of the blood makes while travelling in the arteries. It will send notification to the iWatch when it detects wrong sounds.

Some further report suggest that, Step Detection will also be part of iWatch, where based on steps you walk everyday, it will show you calories burned! This will also be part of iOS 8 in iPhone 6.

Concept Video:-

Rumors suggest that Apple is testing 3 non-conventional charging method, one of them is placing solar cells on the iWatch screen to charge the same. Solar cells can be embedded in to Sapphire Glass display. Another method include magnetic charging, and the last is based on user movemets to charge the Watch. However the Solar Cells seems to be the best in all three.

Stay Tuned!

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