Rotimatic A Robot which will help you make hot Rotis & Pooris...

Our Today's post boast off how really the technology can help living better, we are hearing about robots which can help in almost all the tasks of household chores and in industries. Pranoti Nagarkar has made a robot which all the ladies will really like as it will help you get rid off the cumbersome process of kneading the flour and spinning rotis / pooris. She has made a robot called Rotimatic, which makes hot fresh rotis / flat breads or pooris easily. It is as simple as washing clothes in washing machine.

You just need to put all ingredients in to respective boxes, set the size, thickness and you are done!

You must be worried about the time taken by the Rotimatic, let me tell you it's lesser then you brush your teeth...

All the setting will be displayed on the LCD display of the front panel. If you pre-order now you can get the same for $600 and later it will be sold for $1000.

As of now Rotimatic is available only in US & Singapore, for India it's wait n watch still...

For more information you can visit....

Check out the Video Here...

What do you think of Rotimatic, do let us know in the comment section??

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