a stressbuster website for you!

Do you ever feel stressed in Office or Home? Answer would be Yes for many cases, today we have found one website that will help you burst the stress online. offers a great way to relax while listening to music.

You need to have is a good quality headphones which will help you relaxing online. On the Home page it self, it play a soothing music which will calm you.

There are many options like the first button will help you calm yourself for various duration 2 min, 5 min, or 10 min. You have option of guided tour as well, where you will be guided in a melodious lady voice.

On the main page itself there will be spectacular visuals as well!

iPhone app is also available for downloading.

Please let us know if this website helped you in maintaining stress level? Do you use any other ideas / games to burst the stress please share in comments section.

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