How to Choose the right Power Bank for Phone?

Planning to Buy a power bank? Don't know what to look for and how, then you are at the right place. In this post we will show you how to choose the right power bank for your smartphone. We are living in a digital world where you can live without family a day, but can't live without your Phone / Tablet or iPad. So we know how  you feel when you run out of juice on your phone. To save you from the hurdle, you can get power bank, that will help charging you device when you don't have any source of power.

(1) Capacity - What you need?

All the power banks will come with a mAh rating, now you need to understand whether the one you are buying will suffice your need or not. First of all check the Battery capacity of your smartphone. So that you will come to know which capacity should you buy?

For Example, I have a phone with 2000 mAh battery capacity, and I want to charge my device to 100% in s single go then you must have a power bank higher then 2000 mAh. And If I want to charge it 2 times in emergency preferably I shall have a power bank with atleast 4000 mAh capacity.

Now if you need to know the battery capacity of your device, just open it up and read it on battery.

Another spec, which you shall look at is, the charging current and voltage for you device, which you can come to know from the charger, it would be mentioned there.

Because your power bank should be able to deliver this, else your device will fail to charge.

So when you will buy a power bank for this example you will ensure that, Your power bank has minimum capacity of 1200 mAh and charging output Volatge 5.0 and current 2.0 A.

Most of the power banks available in the market do have 5V and 2 A capacity. Here thumb rule will be bigger is better ie higher the mAh on your power bank good for you. Normally starts from 2600 mAh and goes up to 26000 mAh. Price will also increase as the capacity go up.

So decide what you need and pay only for that.

(2) Charging Cycles:-

When you are buying a power bank, go in to detail specifications, and check, the number of charging cycles are there. Charging cycle you can co relate with number of money, higher is always better :)

so if you are confused in two power banks, always prefer the one with higher charging cycles.

(3) Value Added Features:-

Most of the power bank will come with one charging port, if you are surrounded by many devices and you need to charge them, then you might consider the power bank with more charging port, 2 or more, so you can charge 2 or more devices at a time.

Some come with a torch light as well..

Search and get the best!

So now you know, how to zero down on a power bank, still you have any questions please feel free to mark them in comment section!

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