How to Dry Out Wet Smartphone?

Monsoon is at its peak in India, and if someday you get your cell phone wet, what will you do, there is a chance that you might lose it forever or you will end up paying hefty repair bills as companies don't cover water damages under warranty. To help you out, we have worked upon simple methods which will help you dry your mobile phones easily.

First of all, as soon as you find that you smartphone is wet or soaked in water, very important thing to do it to power it off, or remove the battery. Now after removing battery, remove SIM card and memory card also. If you keep it powered on /try powering it on, there is chance that short circuit might happen and damage the mobile phone permanently.

Clean up the phone with a tissue or cotton towel. 

Now use vacuum cleaner at low pressure level to suck the moisture out,  this will suck the most of water that has gone inside.

Further we need to remove the moisture from the phone because there is high chance that this moisture damage the internal circuit. You can use the silica gel packs that normally come with new products we buy, if you don't have those don't worry. Take bowl of uncooked rice, put inside your mobile for 24 hrs. This will suck all the moisture from it. Clean up the phone with tissue or towel.

Now put the battery sim card and check if it's working. If it's not the only water, you have messed up with cold drinks or some thing else then please first clean up with fresh water and follow the steps as above!

Don't put it under direct sun light or use hair dryer as this may damage the device or internal compoenents due to heating.

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