Onavo Count - An App which will help you analyze Data Consumption

If you would like to control your data usage, particularly when you have data pack for fix MB and afterwards operator will charge you heftily, then we have default data usage in android which will help you. But the default data usage app in android is not much polished today we have selected an app Onavo Count which does the same task but in different way. Onavo Count tracks your daily data usage and provides a graph where you can see your daily data usage in MB.

All you need to do is, download the app from here...

Later you will need to set the Billing Cycle which you can find out from your bill, if you don't remember. Also if you installing the app from mid-billing cycle app will ask you how much data you have consumed till day, so that App will start tracking further.

That's it, App is set now, It will give you regular Notifications when you consume more data or say less data then your usage pattern. It will say you will have some X MB reamain in billing cycle so that you can use it up.

You can have analysis of so as to what consumes more data, social network, music, or browsing in order to control if you want to!

Enjoy the better control on your data usage with Simple App Onavo Count!

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