Rail Rush is a game to play!

Our Today's app of the day is Rail Rush.
Rail rush is an epic game where adventure and the journey ever ends just like suway surfer, if you have played subway sufer then you don't need any explanation for this game, just download and start playing. In Rail Rush you can control the movements with swipe up, down and tilting the phone to right or left. You need to collect the nuggets, which is game's currency, you can collect the nuggets by tilting right and left.

Since the Rail Rush is a game like, Subway Surfer where game doesn't end, so there are Missions, to engage you where you can complete them. On completion you cant get Nuggets which you can spent in store. You can get hammers as you compete goals which will increase your level. Apart from Nuggets, you can collect Gems and Eggs also.

With the nuggets you can buy yourself a new Avataar or items that will protect you on your goof ups, you can get a ram, which will bust the obstacle as soon as it comes. This is just like hover board of Subway surfer.

Now don't just wait for more stuff....Download the game and play on!


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