LG's HomeChat will allow you to chat with your appliances

Have you ever thought about talking to your washing machine or oven or fridge? This seems to be silly but no more, LG has introduced the whole new range of Smart devices which are enables with HomeChat features which will allow you to chat to your Smart Refrigerator or Smart Oven. LG has already introduced this smart model in Korea and now Smart Refrigerator, Oven and Washing machine will be available in US. Line App has exclusive tie with LG so that the HomeChat application is available in your Android and iPhones.

LG's HomeChat smart appliances were introduced to CES 2014 show.

So next time if you are in shopping mall and you don't remember how much bottles of cold drink lying in your fridge just don't worry, you can check with LG's HomeChat. Also you can increase or decrease the refrigerator temperature with HomeChat!  You can also get a photograph so as to what is there in your fridge if you don't want to go in specific item details. Camera inside the fridge will send you a photo!

For the Smart Washing machines you can give command from your smartphone to start washing the clothes and also you can get status of the washing just by sending "What are you doing?" to washing machine. In their HomeChat portfolio they have Microwave oven also, which will suggest you what to cook today, or else you can search recipes and you can set temperature and cooking time as well.

Smart Vaccume cleaner will ensure that once you give command to start cleaning it will clean the complete house before you return home and you will get a snap of the cleaning done! Isn't it amazing?

Check out the video below to understand how all smart appliances will work....

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