Noke is a Bluetooth Lock to have Key Less access

If you forget the keys of your home or bike and you wished that your phone can open the lock for you, then you're not day dreaming. Yes the NOKE, named are No Key is a Bluetooth Padlock which you can take anywhere with you and use it to control your stuff. Surprisingly this operates on bluetooth and you don't need to remember Keys.

It is as good as simple Padlock but without keys, you can carry it and use it, with the App which will help you to pair your phone with the Lock. It supports Android and iOS for locking or unlocking.

You can use this Noke padlock the secure your luggage while travelling in train or you can use to share the access to your room when you have a guests or friends sharing the room. You can define time duration during which your friend or relative can access the lock.

Noke stores the history as well so you can know who all has unlocked it? Noke is water proof so you don't need to worry about.

Now you must be worried what if you have locked your bicycle or room and then your phone battery is drained out completely when you are back, there is solution to it, you can unlock it with pre-defined clicks on the lock as well.

Noke padlock also works on battery, but as per developers padlock battery will be working at-least for a year. It is available for $59 as of now.

Check out the video here.

 Doesn't it sound good??!!!

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