Meet The Smart Business Card - SwivelCard

We are pretty used to business card or visiting card made of paper, but in the digital age it seems to be outdated, so the team at IntelliPaper worked for something exciting and they came out with a concept of SwivelCard. SwivelCards are the smart USB business card, which are made out of paper and you can use it in tablet, laptops or any device with USB interface, so a swivelcard is just like pen drive but made of paper.

It is a premium paper business card made out of paper which you can update even after giving out to someone with remote update interface. It has inbuilt analytical interface, so you can analyze so as to how your business card is being used.

Just imagine a Smart USB business card working even after the meeting is over? Hard working employee?

To understand it how it works just refer, animation below...

With the back-end, software you can edit all your business card or individual card.

IntelliPaper owns the patent of the technology which can convert the normal paper in to usb pen drive, and they are using the same technology in swivelcard. Mini Swivel cards are also available if you want to just check how exciting is the new technology with same functionality.

Swivelcards are available on 8 interesting designs, The Project of Swivelcard is as of now on Kickstarter, where you can fund this project and it is available for funding till 10th Sep 2014.

Check out the developer video here...



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