Notion will turn your home in to smarthome

Notion, is a sensor based system which will turn your home in to a smart home and you will get update as soon as some one knocks the door, some how door remains open then also it will send you alert. You will also get alert if there is water leak, temperature going above certain limit, so in case of fire you will get alert. One will also get alert if lights were ON but some one forget to put off.

Notion is a home intelligence system based on various sensors, so when the sensor detects any data, it will co-relate it and send it to your smartphone over the internet.

Notion system includes Hub and Set of Sensors.

Hub is where the system collects data from various sensors and relays to you. Sensors are capable of detecting many unwanted actions in your home. Notion has also developed iOS and Andriod app which will help you to get alerts from your home.

Notion sensors include multiple advance sensor which will help you to detect...

There are at-least 6 advance sensors which will work as follows apart from Water Leak sensor which detects the water leakage immediately.

Accelerometer - helps you detect open doors
Ambient Light Sensor - helps you detect light on / off
Gyroscope - door / window opens
Temperature Sensor - measures temperature and based on that let you know AC working or not.
Piezo Electric Transducer - How much gas left in LPG cylinder
Proximity Sensor - Helps you detect if someone opens Jewelery Safe / Vault in your cupboard.

Notion is ideal for Home Owners ans small business owners to be aware so about what is going on in their property.

This Project is currently in Beta Stage and is up for funding on kickstarter.

What is your thought? If we give you such product how will you use it?

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