Smartphone with Foldable Screen like Wallet is reality soon!

Samsung is an undoubted leader in mobile phone screen display innovation, it had launched very first phone with AMOLED screen, way back in 2010, recently they introduced Galaxy S6 edge with curved display. Now Samsung is getting readied to launch the smartphone with foldable display soon in January 2016. Yes if rumours are to be believed than Samsung's Project Valley code name for next flagship, is under final testing and will be launched in many countries in January 2016.

So now it will be easier to carry smatphone as you will be able to fold it just like a wallet.

Advantage with the foldable screen would be ease of carrying them unlike Tabs / iPads. Also manufacturers will be able to introduced large screen smartphones easily. 

Display sizes would increase easily from 7 to 8 Inches as by folding it will turn in to half the size.

It will be available in France, Poland, Germany, UK, Ireland, South Korea and Italy, as of now US is not in the Samsung's radar.

However after iPhone, foldable screens seems to be the next big things in Smartphones!

#Stay Tuned. 


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