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The Gadgets Star, is a team of Telecom Engineers, working with an aim to develop website,  which will empower the customer to chose the right products!

Our endeavor is to share the knowledge with customer, so that they rely on themselves to chose what is good for them and what is not. Based on our Telecom Knowledge we have prepared the Buying Guides, which are available on our website.

Apart from that, we cover the latest mobiles and tablet launches also, it should be noted that It is The Gadgets Star team (old gadgets freak blog) started the trend in india to mention the PPI, pixels per inch of every display of handset.

There are many such small details we cover which helps you chose the right product.

If you want to know more about ourselves....

+The Gadgets Star
+Jignesh Mehta
+Nitinkumar Chobhe
+Vijendra Singh

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